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headlikeanorange: The Goby and the Pistol Shrimp

This odd couple consists of a goby and a shrimp. The shrimp, who has poor eyesight, dug their burrow and keeps it clean, while the goby is on the lookout for predators. It pushes the shrimp down the burrow when it detects danger.

(Desert Seas - National Geographic Channel)

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SHARK FIN by Paul Hilton  

1. Workers process thousands of frozen shark fins at the Dong Gang fish market, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Scientists recently reported that as many as 90% of sharks in the world’s open oceans have disappeared because of a growing international demand for shark fin soup, which is especially popular with China’s expanding middle class.

2. An endangered scalloped hammerhead shark is pulled into position before its fins are removed. As the once ceremonial dish becomes more accessible, up to 73 million sharks are being killed every year. 
3. Thousands of fins dry in the midday sun at a drying facility outside Kaohsiung, Taiwan. One in three shark species are now on the brink of extinction.
4. The lifeless carcass of a grey reef shark hangs in a driftnet as it is pulled to the surface in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
5. Shark and ray heads hang on the top deck of the Rian Hidaya shark finning vessel in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

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